Where are you going?

I have been eliminating the clutter from my life, and it has been a revealing journey. We are told what to do, dress, buy and pretty much what should we be in order to be "valuable" to society or to those people who mean the most to us. We can spend decades burning ourselves in … Continue reading Where are you going?

Time, the real currency

The concept of  Time is completely debated: "the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole." The definition on itself is indefinite. Ironic huh? The real key to find meaning in existence is to understand and reflect in the concept of time. Because at the end, … Continue reading Time, the real currency

Who is driving?

Hello! Time for another very interesting, transcendental, super exiting topic! Have you ever had a completely irrational attitude or reaction that you later regretted deeply? Have you seen someone completely “losing it”? Or have you ever fought against eating that donut for hours… and then eat the complete box in 5 minutes? We all have … Continue reading Who is driving?