About Me


Hello There!

I want to share with you a vision of my world. We all see a feel this world in our own unique way, and the purpose of this site is to leave a testimony of what life is for me, being honest and open.

I am a human being in love with many aspects of life, and struggling with some others.

I love:

Dogs, animals in general, nature, mother earth.

Kind humans.

Music, arts, colors, goods feelings, sunshine, the beach, and the simple things in life, like a warm hug, a sunrise or a nice book.

Coaching, self growth and being responsible for your emotional wellbeing.

My Educational background:

Industrial Design, AA Degree in Arts, currently pursuing a Communication Arts Degree.

Certified Motivational Coach in Neurolinguistic Programming.

The truth is I am a mix of many interests studies and hobbies: I paint, create YouTube videos, write blogs, and read, read, read a lot.

There is no box to fit me in. I am a rare mix of everything with different experiences. Like all of us.

Labels are hurtful. We are multidimensional beings, so definitions stay short always.

This site will give you a hint of what my world is.