Where are you going?

I have been eliminating the clutter from my life, and it has been a revealing journey.

We are told what to do, dress, buy and pretty much what should we be in order to be “valuable” to society or to those people who mean the most to us. We can spend decades burning ourselves in order to become someone we are not.

But how do I know this? How do I know what I am NOT?

Well you just get to the point where you realize you don’t like your life. Signals: depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, bad relationships, feeling stuck in a prison you have built for yourself… Feeling that you want to run away from it!

You just don’t want to wake up in the morning and watch the movie of your life.

You might drink, drug or sleep yourself out of it, but you know it will only get worse if you keep avoiding the reality that you have created a monster.

Step 1: Take responsibility, mostly it was your choice to reach this point, and I am not suggesting to blame yourself, but to take the wheel of it. In this step you will also have to accept that you are not happy with your choices and that you made mistakes (and that is OK!). It takes humility to do this, but hey what is most important than forgiving yourself? You deserve to be humble and soft with yourself. You can hug your old mistakes and accept them for what they taught you.

Thanks to your past mistakes, you now know what is it that you don’t want in your life!


Hey! we are now making big improvements! 

silhouette photography of people near body of water

Photo by Bithin raj on Pexels.com

Step 2: List the things that need to go! In my personal life that meant a lot of things: I understood that I could not continue in the career I had and hated. I understood I would not take shitty friends or relationships. I understood that I had to sell my house and set myself free in order to start a brand new beginning.

Step 3: Face your biggest fears: I had to face my biggest fear and sell my house (the only big achievement in my life, or so was the story by ego told me), and possibly to move away forever from the city I actually loved living in. I loved this city but not so much if I had to sell my soul in order to live in it. 

One day my heart was resolved and I decided that I could not longer continue living that life, so I decided to sell my house and see what happens. It was just the complete resolution and feeling that things had to change, and it meant a complete change!

Facing one of my biggest fears was actually the key that set me free from my own prison. 

This decision opened so many different doors: it affected my family and my love relationship in a very positive way, it moved the keys and activated new possibilities I never had imagined before.

This is just an example of what happened in my life and everyone’s experience can be different, but the key story is: let go of your beliefs, let go of your “musts” and “should s” and jump out of the cliff. 

sunset beach people sunrise

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This security that there is actually no other way out will help you to push trough to the next step.

Step 4: Take action! Make the call, build the profile, apply, sell, buy, do whatever you need to do. I was overwhelmed by the dimension of my project because it meant listing my house, selling all of my stuff, and moving out of the country. But I had to. There was no other way out. So I had to help myself and be gentle with myself during the process that would take many weeks. 

Help yourself first of all by taking care of yourself: Eat right, have fun and ask for help if needed.

Logistically: create to do lists, use any apps that can help you to have the job done.

Trust yourself and take a day by the day.

Big changes are very overwhelming, so be easy and take the time to rest and recover physically and mentally.

By letting go of most of my belongings I learned that I was not at all that house, my car or the stuff I owned.

And that was a feeling of freedom I never experienced before.

I looked back at my prison and wondered, why did it took me so long to leave it?

I was attached to it, because I had wrongly identified myself with it.

What is your prison? What keeps you attached and unhappy? Let it go.

You deserve to live a happy life.

It is possible to live a happy life. Just not doing whatever you have been doing that is not taking you nowhere.

If you want to be happy, you need to be a different person and make changes.

Ignite change in your life and be courageous to do it.

Create new destinations, unlock new doors, be open to new possibilities.

Where are you going?

Is it a happy destination?

symmetrical photography of clouds covered blue sky

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

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