Time, the real currency

The concept of  Time is completely debated: “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

The definition on itself is indefinite. Ironic huh?

The real key to find meaning in existence is to understand and reflect in the concept of time.

Because at the end, we are all trying so hard to buy time:

  • We work hard long hours just to be able to have a few hours of free time per week. Is free time, really free? Haven’t you already paid for it working for longer hours?
  • We work all our lives just so one day in our later years we can retire and do the things we really want to do. But we just don’t realize that that “future” might never come!
  • We live our lives in the future: Kinder school, Elementary, Middle and High School, College, University, work…. we do all of these just to be able to buy free time. Just for those few weekend days and vacations… just for those elusive retirement years… that by the way current young generations most probably will never have as the pension crisis won’t allow us to “retire”.
  • We live our lives in the past: ruminating about what could have been, about the good and bad and what that past make us to become.
  • We spend billions in keeping our bodies looking young, buying makeup, having surgeries, creams, clothes… just to buy more years…



We are constantly giving away our only gift: THE PRESENT MOMENT, in order to buy all of the above.

Constantly focused on the past (the key for depression) and worrying about the future (the key for anxiety), we forget that NOW, is the only time we have.

This is really a mental collective dis-ease.

No wonder why we are dying from pure stress. Our bodies can’t keep up with this nonsense. Our real being, our pure self, can’t work harmoniously under this much pressure.

It is like we are all under a worldwide massive hypnotic trance. Trying to get “somewhere” which we will never get to.


We are selling our TIME for a promise of time, that might never come.

The key to get out of this black hole that sucks our energy, is to focus on enjoying the now, enjoying the journey, every day, mindfully, taste the moments with full awareness. Focus on investing your time in the activities that bring you the most happiness and joy.

A great book on this subject is “The Power of Now” from Eckhart Tolle.

Here is an interview on this book:


Understanding the NOW is the key element for the development of our Personal Power and connecting with our true self.

The real currency is Time, and the real treasure is in the NOW.

We will further introduce more techniques that help us to focus on the now and release ourselves from the pressure of not being in alignment with ourselves.

With much LOVE,




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