Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind

The key for permanent change relies in your subconscious mind.

There are various tools to re-program your subconscious and start creating the life you really want.

In this post we will cover easy tools that you can use everyday and consciously start shaping your life at your own will.


Repetitive positive statements. You can listen to videos on this subject or even create your own recording. Make a list of all the qualities you would like to have and state them as if they were already happening: Instead of affirming I want to be healthy, say I am healthy. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and feel grateful. You can affirm: I am well, I am better than ever, I am blessed. I am becoming a better version of myself day by day, and I am grateful for it. It is important to use affirmations every morning as soon as you wake up, while driving, and right before you go to bed as these are times in which your subconscious is open for new suggestions.


Close your eyes and imagine the best version you can imagine of yourself. Be very descriptive as far as the details, how you dress, where you live, what it feels to be in that place. Do this mental exercise before you go to bed and if possible every day. Take the time to create that reality in your mind, and be specific as to the details of what you want to become. You may also create a visualization board in which you can use words and images of what you want for yourself. Be limitless as to the greatness of what you want to achieve, don’t be shy, dream big! This board is your own space and you can put in it whatever you can imagine. Place the board in your bedroom or office, a space that you spend a good amount of time watching as these images will be recorded by your subconscious.


Once you have worked on your affirmation and visualizations you are ready to work on the next tool:

Mirror affirmations:

In front of a mirror, play the recording or affirmations and say them loud. You might feel a bit awkward talking to yourself, but soon you will be comfortable. You are alone, so there are no worries on becoming or acting a little “crazy”: you may laugh at yourself, cry, or start feeling emotions you had no idea were hidden in yourself. The key to this tool is to identify which affirmations are the ones that make you feel most uncomfortable, and note that these are the key areas to work on and in which you have inner resistance. If you have issues in affirming: “I love and approve of myself”, then you know that self-love is a key issue in your subconscious and you can target that area with more self love affirmations and spending more time working in front of the mirror until you actually become at ease by accepting and loving that being that is you. Mirror work is a raw feedback of your own image and perception of yourself. It will show you that you are either your best ally, or your worst enemy. Once you learn to accept and love yourself, you will realize how important this tool was to re-program the perception you had of yourself.


These three methods are amazing tools to start your path to a better life. We will look into more methods to re-program your mind in further posts.

With much LOVE,




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