The Power of your emotions

Have you heard about emotional intelligence?

This is a term recently used to describe the inner ability to control your emotional state at will. When you are emotional intelligent, you can read not only your own emotions (and decide how to act accordingly), but you also become good a reading others people’s emotions.

In other words, you become more emphatic, therefore you make better decisions for yourself, and for the benefit of all your relationships.


The power of the emotional intelligence was not recognized until recent years, and we can’t emphasize enough the importance emotional intelligence has in living a happy and harmonious life.

When we think about intelligence, we usually think about rational, logical intelligence and the dominating areas: Math, Science, Physics, etc. These belong to one type of intelligence: Logical/Rational. There are many other types, some list up to 9 different types, but emotional intelligence is the core for wellness.

Your well-being depends completely on your emotional intelligence. If you don’t have control over your emotions, you become a victim of the situations and negative people in your environment. Not only you become a victim, but you lack the energy and assertiveness necessary to reach your goals.

Emotional Intelligence is a matter of preserving your energy and transmuting negative energy into positive energy, like an alchemist.

It is about recognizing your inner thoughts, which translate into an emotional state and lastly a physical feeling.

The pattern is: mental thoughts generate an emotion, which creates a physical feeling which reinforces the original thought. It is a vicious cycle in the case of negative thinking. In such case, the individual loses energy to the point of mental and physical dis-ease.

Thought Cycle.jpg

The key is to be vigilant of our own thoughts, by paying attention to the body signals generated by such thought.


Your body is amazingly good at signaling and translating your emotions. Your body never lies. Therefore, we need to pay attention to our gut feelings, breathing patterns, and heart beats. Remember that your body is predominantly run by your subconscious mind and your subconscious does not lie. It is an honest source and it will make you unease whenever there is a negative thought or situation going on.

In example, for your subconscious mind the thought of a robbery produces the same nervous reactions in your brain as if you were living the moment. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between mental visualization and actual physical visualization. The thought will produce the physical feelings just as if  the situation was actually happening; that is why your thoughts are so powerful and determine your nervous state, therefore your physical feelings and emotions.

The great news is that you can also use the same visualization property of your subconscious to modify your emotional state back to wellness, at any given moment.

You can bounce back from negativity to a better emotional state, and help yourself out of any difficult situation, even if caused by yourself or others. You just need to visualize (see, hear and feel) as if you were in a positive state or situation, and you can revert to wellness. In this way, you have the control of your emotions and you become the creator of your happiness.

The power of visualization

When you learn how to identify your emotions, change your thoughts, and make conscious decisions, you are no longer a victim and take the control of your life. You learn that you have the resilience to get out of the black hole and you can even help others to do the same.

The benefit of developing this self-control skill is that you can also put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand their reasons behind their negative behavior. You learn that behavior does not define a person, as it changes by the circumstances, and a lot of people does not know how to control their emotional states. Then you become more compassionate and understanding, because you understand where they come from. You become more emphatic, and empathy is the key element to develop successful relationships.

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