Claim your Personal Power

The first step in becoming a better version of yourself is claiming your Personal Power.

We want you to have the above sentence very present whenever you are feeling down.

Follow these steps to strengthen and maintain your Personal Power:

  1. Create your POWER BUBBLE: 

Create your Power Bubble

Remember that the Source of your Power is Internal:

The source of ypur power is internal

Leave outside of your bubble any negative criticism. This means you have to be always vigilant and attentive to what is it that your are letting in or out of your bubble. Create a strong filter.Only by maintaining this filter, you will be able to become a lighthouse:

Choose always to be a light house

2) Identify Negativity: Read your own inner cues and look for other people’s cues in order to assert the situation.

Inner CuesOther Party cues

3) RE-CALIBRATE: prepare for the interaction by preparing your Power Bubble for the situation.


4) Choose to respond instead of reacting:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you chose to react, you need to Re-calibrate yourself again back to a positive mental and emotional state using the guidelines on step No. 3

We only have one more step to become even more empowered.

5) Look for the positive outcome:

Look for the positive outcome

Take the time to meditate and “juice out” all the good and lessons learned from this experience.

You are never wrong as mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Be kind to yourself and embrace yourself for taking these steps to become a better version of yourself.

We hope you find the most use out of this post!

With much LOVE!




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