Consciously Driving your Life

Hello Roses!

In my previous post we explained how your subconscious mind is the predominant decisive force in your life.

Our subconscious mind is filled by programs in our early childhood. This is because we operate in a hypnotic trance during the ages 0-6, and our mind is basically recording information and programs without conscious supervision over the nature of such programs. We just take everything unfiltered and record it forever.

Bad Program examples are:

  • False Beliefs
  • Faulty thinking
  • Abuse

These are recorded in our subconscious by:

  • Parents and grandparents
  • Teachers, educators, religious teachers.
  • Other relatives
  • Caretakers
  • T.V. Programs, internet, advertising, etc.

As you can see, we are influenced deeply by all sorts of individuals and groups which not always have our best interest in mind, or just didn’t have the awareness level to know what they were doing at the time. We all have inherited either positive or negative programs from our family, plus all the other programming we received from other sources. Like the saying “We are victims of victims”, ignorance just passes over generation to generation if we don’t do the work to discover the program and re-write it, work on it, and most importantly, release the future generations from it.

The key of this subject is that they are subconscious programs, they are not in the surface. They are not rational and if we are struggling with any area of our life, that’s because there is a program in conflict to our real needs, goals and efforts to improve in such area.

To resume the amazing qualities from our subconscious mind:

  • It obeys and stores anything it is told in our early childhood.
  • It is timeless. Whatever is recorded is always lived as it is happening right now. Usually the age an infant suffers a trauma is the age the adult with act upon once the memory is tapped by any feeling of resemblance to such trauma.
  • It does not follow logic, reason or linearity.
  • It has its own language made of symbols, it is not literate.
  • It responds greatly to visualizations, and sensing imagination.
  • It runs your physical body vital force: your ease and dis-ease.
  • Stores your habits
  • Magnetizes your thoughts to reality: whatever you put in your subconscious flourishes in your material world.

Therefore, your subconscious is the soil, and your thoughts are the seeds that will flourish into either a rose or weed. The end result depends strictly on whatever it is you are putting into your subconscious or has been put there in your childhood years.

The subconscious can be gardened by the Conscious Mind, your conscious self, the one who should be the actual driver of your life.

The Conscious Mind (5%) has the job to tame the wild horse the Subconscious Mind is (95%)

The key concepts for the Conscious Mind to successfully tame the Subconscious is to operate with awareness and constant vigilance. Specially in the case of weed seeds or bad programming.


How to face negativity

When there is a negative thought or situation, it generates an emotion in our physical and emotional bodies. This emotion is a warning signal to the Conscious to kick in. This is when vigilance is essential in identifying any signals: like rise in our heart beat, perspiration, or even physical pain.

There are two possible outcomes to a negative thought:

  • If your Conscious Mind is trained with awareness and vigilance, it will stop the negative thought/ belief and overwrites it with a positive thought, breaking the negative thinking habit. This ability creates a positive thinking pattern inside your brain, and literally re-wires your brain for success thanks to neuroplasticity.
  • If your Conscious Mind lacks awareness and vigilance and does not intervene on the negative thought, the childhood program related to that situation will operate and kick in regardless of the consequences. This is when people loose control and become victims of the past, or of other’s people’s actions. To become a victim, implies the lost of your own personal power, with poor self-esteem, lack of self-love and depression as a direct result.

A key element to enrich your subconscious and cooperate with your conscious goals and aspirations is to plant positive seeds in your subconscious, these include:

  • Visualizations: Mental visualizations of what you want early in the morning or right before you go to bed are recorded in your subconscious. Remember to feel, see and hear whatever you want to manifest, so your subconscious records your feelings like you are already living it. You can also create a visualization board made of images of anything you want to manifest in your life in any area.
  • Say positive affirmations: They talk to your subconscious, specially if you pronounce them in front of the mirror. Since your subconscious is transformed by repetition, positive affirmations are a healthy habit for you to do every morning and every night. Louise Hay was the master of positive affirmations, here is a great morning meditation:
  • Hypnosis is a great tool to tap in your subconscious. This is a great therapy with much success.
  • Promote awareness and mindfulness in your everyday live. Watch your words, be present in the everyday activities. Take your time to eat and enjoy your meals, meditate, listen to nature’s sounds. Listen to your body as it is the sacred tool to connect with your emotional world. The body does not lie and will always tell us if there is anything wrong.

We hope you find this post of the most use in your journey to a better self.

With much LOVE!




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