Who is driving?

Hello! Time for another very interesting, transcendental, super exiting topic!

Have you ever had a completely irrational attitude or reaction that you later regretted deeply? Have you seen someone completely “losing it”? Or have you ever fought against eating that donut for hours… and then eat the complete box in 5 minutes?

We all have seen this happening but still don’t dig deep into the actual reason why humans behave so irrationally sometimes… well, most of the time.

Well, here we are going to explain a concept that you should always, always keep present:

We all have two minds.

  1. Conscious Mind: Rules only 5% of your behaviors and decisions.
  2. Unconscious Mind: Rules 95% of your behaviors and decisions.

So, who is driving? Who is the boss?

Your subconscious mind is the boss! The driver! The ruler of your life!

Ok, so what exactly does that mean to you?

First let’s explain what the subconscious mind is:

It is the non-conscious, non-lineal, non-rational mind. It is the background recorder that stores information in a non-linear, timeless way. The brain area that runs the subconscious, processes 40 million nerve impulses per second. It is one million times more powerful that the conscious mind, which only can process 40 nerve impulses per second.

Its basic characteristics are:

  • It runs continuously the programs recorded in your mind by your parents our caregivers when you were 0 – 7 years old. (We will explain further in another post)
  • It is timeless. For your subconscious there is no past, no future. Everything happens in the present.
  • It uses symbols and archetypes. It does not communicate through logical language.
  • It is the absolute source of creativity as it taps into the infinite field of possibilities that our rational mind is not able to reach.
  • It is the source of your basic instincts and habits.
  • It determines the ultimate success or failure to change in your life.

What this implies is that is your subconscious the source of 95% of your strengths and 95% of your failures.


While you can consciously try to change or work on anything you want to improve in your life, no matter how hard you try if your subconscious programs are not supporting such idea, you are battling against 95% of your mind. You are fighting yourself. It is a battle that you will never win, until you synchronize both your Subconscious and Conscious Mind. This applies to ANYTHING you want to improve in your life: health, relationships, abundance, etc.

At our introduction we mentioned those situations when you see someone just “losing it”. Well this is what it means: this person lost Conscious control of themselves because there was a trigger that set-in place a subconscious program. This program is so strong that the person could not control it, and the program took over.

Keep in mind that unconscious reactions have the same characteristics as the subconscious mind: they are irrational, make not sense in time, they are beyond proportions, instinctual, child-like. Especially childlike because these were programmed in our early years… so we react like a child because we are stuck back in time to the actual age when that program was recorded.

This programming topic deserves a separate blog, but our intention this time is for you to be mindful to recognize that there are two parts of you either cooperating or fighting each other.

If there is an area of your life that you are struggling with, be sure that there is a non-supportive subconscious program sabotaging your efforts for success in this area.

Successful individuals have both minds synchronized working together for the same goal.

We will provide you further with tools to be able to tap in your subconscious and modify your programs

Hope you find this post of the most use for your life!

With much LOVE,






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