Mindful Connections Explained

Hi There!

So glad to be able to share such an exiting concept here in the blog!

Have you ever heard about toxic people or energy vampires?

Have you ever walked away from a situation, person or space with a terrible head ache, or feeling physically exhausted?

Well here we have a brief explanation of how energy works when we are having a connection / interaction/ encounter with a person or group.

We want to explain to you the concept of Constructive and Destructive Interference, and how it applies to personal relationships! 😉

Let’s start with concept:

“Constructive wave interference is a wave interference which occurs when in phase waves meets with each other and forms a new wave with greater amplitude


When we translate this concept to personal relationships, we would be talking about:

+1+ 1 = +2 Constructive positive relationships 😊😊

Positive and Constructive: Here you have two positive individuals (waves) in-sync. The interaction leaves both parties charged, is cooperative and you feel you expand and benefit from these type of interactions. These relationships allow you to become a better person, they teach you and challenge you to become a better version of yourself. Be mindful to interact mostly with people that have positive and constructive interactions with you. Nurture and invest your time and resources in this type of relationship.


-1- 1- = -2    Constructive negative. A couple or group of people with a negative state ☹☹

Negative and Constructive:  We call them constructive, because the negativity is amplified, but negatively amplified. These are empowered by your own negative state, as you are a negatively charged part of the equation. To avoid these relationships, start to work with yourself, be mindful to recognize your own emotions, and work on reaching a harmonious/ balanced state before interacting with a negative person… this gives you an energetic advantage and at least you can protect yourself by walking out of this interaction losing the least energy. If would walk into a negative person or situation in a bad state, they will only be negatively amplified by your own negative charge.


-1 +1= 0       Destructive – Null. A couple or group of people with one positive individual and one negative individual ☹😊

Destructive Null: Be mindful to determine if you are the positive or negative part of this interaction.

  • If you are on the positive 😊: be strong to keep yourself up after the encounter.
  • If you are on the negative ☹: evaluate what is keeping you on this position and see if there is an advantage from charging yourself from the positive energy your counterpart is sharing. How to determine this? … Are you a complainer? Or are you the motivated friend who is cheering your peers all the time?

We switch positions all the time, and awareness of our own words and conversations keep us attentive to our own mental patterns and constructive or destructive states. Facial gestures and body language are key to read your own state and others. Feel your emotions. Are they positive or negative?


Do a body check for sweating, heart palpitations and other fast signals of stress or discomfort. The importance of this check is that it will help you to determine the nature of your interactions and be able to drive your situation by either walking away from a negative person or changing your perspective of the situation to a more positive state.

The value of your feelings determines the charge of the interaction, either positive, negative or null.

Remember that positive interactions start with your own energetic state

Do yourself a favor by balancing your emotions before you walk into a person or situation.

Do these techniques to positively change your emotional state:

  1. Take a few seconds to check your body and feelings for any negative signals.
  2. Once you have determined that you could improve your current state, breathe deeply for at least a minute. Just focus on your own respiration and catching fresh air.
  3. Think about the upcoming interaction and imagine what would be like to have a great interaction. See, hear and feel how this situation would be like.
  4. Say to yourself that if anything goes wrong (even if this person is always difficult to deal with), you will not be bothered by it, but you will keep yourself up and positive. Understand that this person’s negativity has nothing to do with you, therefore you should not be bothered by it as any negative reaction from you is not going to change the situation for the better. Instead, if you show assertiveness and balance, this person will be left wondering… how does he/she does it? 😉
  5. Check your emotions and own energy after you walk out of this person/ situation and if you feel negative, change your emotional state by focusing on something you enjoy like a fun activity, music, or contact a positive friend.

This post is based on the amazing book “The Honey Moon Effect” from Dr. Bruce Lipton https://www.brucelipton.com/books/honeymoon-effect

We hope you liked this post!

As always with much LOVE and passion for positive change and excellence!







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