It’s always a matter of perspective

We live in a dual Universe, there is always light and shadow in every circumstance, and we tend to place ourselves in one side, forgetting that both sides need each other to coexist.

This Universe is Integrative, that means that if your struggle against anything (consider idea, color, religion, point of view etc), your struggle can only reinforce the existence and presence of the opposite you are fighting. We can’t fight war with war, or hate with hate, if we want peace we can’t focus on the existence of war, but we can focus on the creation of peace.

Whatever we put our attention on is magnetized by our emotional energy invested on it, so we better put ourselves on the positive side and make the most of any circumstance as even the hardest struggle has a valuable lesson for us and makes us stronger.

It is always a matter of perspective.

Whenever you are not experiencing a positive mental or emotional state due to a specific event, do the following mental check:

  1. Why am I putting myself on this specific side and what are the results from this position?
  2. What are the reasons or motives from the opposite side?
  3. Is it imperative for me to stand on this position?
  4. What is the benefit from my standing in this position?
  5. Am I willing to sustain my current emotional state for standing in this position?

If you find that by holding your position you are only hurting yourself and there is no positive outcome for standing in such place, reconsider changing your perspective.

This is an enormous tool in conflict resolution, and developing healthy relationships.

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With much LOVE!





Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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